Web Development

Domain Brokering – To have a website, you need a domain. How you pick these letters will determine if people remember your site resulting in return visitors and more customers, or just another site which is forgotten. This choice will also affect your direct search and organic search strategy.

Site & E-mail Hosting – Once you have your domain, you will need somewhere to store the bits and bites which will become your website. Using Yahoo, Godaddy, or Dreamhost, we can have your website up quickly, and always running with extremely low downtime. In addition to your website, we can create e-mails which include your domain name (You@YourDomain.com), with features and storage sizes comparable to Google or Yahoo e-mail accounts.

Online Database Design – To run your interactive content you will need well designed online databases. We are specialized in MySQL, but can perform ad hoc work in mutliple other formats.

Online Business Application Design – You need it, we can design it. We specialize in Ruby on Rails, and can also create applications in PHP. To get a taste of what we can do in PHP, see the application we made for USF Apartments

Also see our SEO and Web Design services.


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